Mind Bending

Hallo! I have the privilege to study abroad with the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications’ Photojournalism Study Abroad program for the next two weeks. We will be in Berlin, Germany having adventures and taking photographs.

Today is our fourth day in this lively city. I’ve been lucky to already have had some unique experiences. These are some of the highlights:

To preface my perspective and highlight choices, I have to tell you about my love of electronic music. Three years ago, I attended my first music festival in Okeechobee, Florida. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been to seven festivals with many more planned. Festivals have taken me to different states and brought me my best friends and my significant other. The environment is somewhere I feel completely at home, accepted, and free. The different types of music all bring out different sides of my personality when I dance to them.

The adventure began with a bike tour of Berlin. Something I am looking forward to the most, based on my preface, is the techno scene in Berlin. Berlin is the heart of techno, a type of electronic music, and contains the most famous techno club in the world (http://www.berghain.de/) along with many other smaller ones. I got the tiniest, most teasing taste of that on our bike tour. Pictured below is a fixture inside a once phone booth that now serves as a mini techno club, complete with surround sound, lights, fog, and this disco ball.


The next day, after finishing a walking tour of the city, we visited the Mauer Park Flea Market (http://www.slowtravelberlin.com/mauerpark-flea-market/ w) to grab some grub, shop, and relax. While strolling through the market, the sound of booming music grabs me. I follow the sound until I stumble upon a makeshift, 360-degree amphitheater. A diverse group of people is in line to perform karaoke in the center of the space. While sitting and enjoying the extremes of the performances, from talented to absolutely destroying a song, the energy is infectious. No matter the quality of performance, the crowds cheer and sing along. Some performers even displayed some mind-bending moves. IMG_9818.jpg

I look forward to stumbling upon more unexpected gems in this city and sharing them with you. Danke for reading!

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