In and Out

In Berlin and out of my comfort zone.

Every time I step foot onto the streets of Berlin, I am met with a unique perspective into what makes this city rich with history and culture. Here are just a few examples from the past three days.

For the main assignment of our study abroad trip, each student must create a 90-second video and photograph a Berlin local. Being interested in electronic music and studying in the techno capital of the world, I sought out a DJ to interview.

This choice put me totally out of comfort zone. Interviewing a stranger in a foreign country while navigating the language barrier was a challenge in itself. Then, I photographed my subject in a club with low-light, a style of photography I had never done before. My subject, DJ Jordan, was eloquent and passionate. I am excited to share the video from his interview and performance at the KitKat Club in a week.



The city of Berlin and the country of Germany strive to recognize the millions of Jewish people killed in the Holocaust. At the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (, I captured this photo of a woman full of life.

Light will always emerge again from the darkness.


I ventured to the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art ( I was tempted to purchase one of their cans of spray paint they had for sale to make my own contribution to street art. I settled for creating art through photography. Thanks to my model, Jordan Drazen.


I look forward to my final week of wanderlust. Danke for reading!

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