Let’s go outside.

As my trip in Berlin begins to wind down, I am reflecting upon how the city seamlessly blends nature into the concrete jungle. Voluminous green parks peek out from behind busy city streets.


Children frolic in the lively parks splattered with graffiti, which is illegal yet plentiful in Berlin. The colorful late-night artwork contrasts with the pristine new artictechure being constantly updated as Germany continues to recover from the Cold War.


There are bikes everywhere. This reflects Berlin’s initiative to remain environmentally conscious. There are very few cars and almost no traffic, coupled with an extensive public transportation system. Berliners maintain their health by biking everywhere after drinking beer and consuming sweets all day. This lifestyle, in my opinion, is perfect.



Finally, the dogs here roam the streets like they belong to them. This is a Berliner dog’s world, we’re just living in it.


One of my favorite experiences during the trip was meeting two professionals thriving in Berlin.

David Rocks, an editor at Bloomberg News, gave me insight into how to humanize any story and how good these rhubarb sodas are.


Christoph Niemann, world-renowned artist and illustrator, answered my question “how do you get ideas?” by explaining the process of making something bad and tweaking it until it’s good.


Berlin has taught me some much about conciseness while also not giving a f**k.

I’m grateful for the mentorship from Professor Freeman and Andrew Stanfill. I’m grateful for DJ Jordan and the Staff of the KitKatKlub for clueing me in on how to be kind, open-minded, and how to love your body and dress fabulously. I’m grateful for €5 plates of the best bockwurst and potato salad I’ve ever had. I’m grateful for the cheapest, tastiest, smoothest beer I will ever have. I’m grateful for the friendships I will carry with for years to come as we thrive together.

Danke Berlin.

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